Rev Kev
This is me, Rev Kev

Welcome to our little Minecraft Christian Community

We are a community stretching ages from 7 to 70, all of whom love meeting together in the Minecraft game, on Zoom and in person! We are exploring faith in Christ together. All are welcome, of any faith or none!

This site is here to help us organise ourselves, present a face to the world and to be a resource for all those who may want to use Minecraft to create community.

Join us!

  1. We meet online every Sunday at 5pm for our church meeting. We have people join we are not Minecrafters - so don't be left out. Message me for a Zoom invite.
  2. Sign up! Some essential links and info will get sent to you!
  3. Read the connection info. This has the important details you will need.
  4. If feel you can please donate to cover the costs of running the server.

Our Minecraft Church communities

You can now come to a Minecraft Church In-Real-Life! A number are popping up where you can come and meet face-to-face! 

For 2022 we have a new online server community for young adults: our 20's Server 

Learning about us

  1. Read our latest posts.
  2. Join us on YouTube

Start your own Minecraft Christian Community

We are compiling a resource here to help support you to create your own community. We have resources for:

  1. How to start - articles and reflections on how to get going.
  2. Session plans and reviews - let our trial and errors speed you on your way!
  3. Theological reflections - Theological reflections - to help us ponder what God is up to in all of this!