Session 7

Session plan


  • Use the new /zoom alias and /invite!
  • Get players to stash stuff in chests because we will /clear their stuff later in game mode
  • Flying practice while waiting
  • Place people in teams (according to age) /team join <teamname> <name>
  • New alias /tpteam <teamname> will bring the team to you (I hope!)

Welcome prayer:

  • Need a volunteer
  • Notices - quickly follow to building world to review the rules!
  • Encouragement - great team work and collaborative building.
  • Don't respond eye for eye - (you killed my pets, I'll kill yours) but love and forgive!

Sardines: Three seekers... can you see the hiders?

Team game - Sardines:

  • rules - no cheating!!!! Will be watching logs
  • /mvtp a:sardines
  • /clear

Lent 1:

Briefing: explain that entering lent - thinking about Jesus time in wilderness, just after his baptism by John.

/mvtp villageraid

or /hd teleport scripture then /tp2me @a

At this time, Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptised by John in the Jordan. The moment he came out of the water, he saw the sky split open and God’s Spirit, looking like a dove, come down on him. Along with the Spirit, a voice: “You are my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life.”

At once, this same Spirit pushed Jesus out into the wild. For forty wilderness days and nights he was tested by Satan. Wild animals were his companions, and angels took care of him.

Jesus resists the temptation during 40 days of fasting in the desert

After John was arrested, Jesus went to Galilee preaching the Message of God: “Time’s up! God’s kingdom is here. Change your life and believe the Message.”

  1. Split into three teams and take a different bit of river
  2. Act out the passage. There are lots of characters. Make sure you go to one spot in the dessert where Jesus would have slept etc.
  3. As the acting is happening. I wonder questions: I wonder what Jesus must have felt like? I wonder what the temptations where? What does this make you think of? I wonder how Jesus would have felt hearing the voice? etc.
  4. After practising. Got to the spot Jesus slept in. Encourage prayer - think of a prayer you want to pray about your life or what Jesus went through or about some other concern. Plant your prayer as a flower. Make the dessert bloom with life through prayers...
  5. Once you have finished, we will come back together to show one of our plays if a team wants

Final Prayer

  • Get a volunteer to pray

Final thing

  • Friend inviting
  • Find a parent willing to come and build with you!
  • Sculpture Judging
  • After-party in the tower


Sardines was a great game to play and worked so well. Some punching caused problems and some players died and respawned in other places. So lots of tp-ing was needed. We realised that we needed ADVENTURE mode for this game. Adventure mode restricts the breaking and placing of blocks but is otherwise similar to Survival mode. I changed Boop Arena to Adventure. I also changed the permissions to only allow changing of gamemode in survival and creative. This has the unfortunate effect that a player with the permission can put themselves or others in this mode and not get out. Although returning to the lobby sorts this and the alias command /lobby works!

Zoom Rooms

We used breakout rooms in zoom and it was much more effective. Reducing the size of the groups aids with conversation, creativity and reflection. Calling the rooms the same colour as their team helps them connect. We made archways with command blocks activated by pusher plates to switch the player into a team. The team names are coloured respectively.

Sian helped with managing the zoom too and that was really useful!

Jesus in the Wilderness

Acting this out was intriguing. The desert in Minecraft is a dangerous place at night and our 'angels' needed to protect Jesus. Some kids practised baptising themselves. They also practiced burying themselves in sand to keep warm. It went well, but having me brief them then move into team did not work well. Briefing works better in the team. This means more planning.


I invited Beryl in to judge the sculpture competition and that was a good move. Beryl observed my screen shared on zoom and told me where to look. The kids loved it and were very deeply encouraged as a result.


I have worked on some improved alias commands, /zoom and /invite which print the url of the zoom meeting we use and the url of this website to give to friends for invites. I also produced a cheat sheet for the leaders with common commands. That seemed to help them.

Luck Perms has been hard work to sort and it crashed on me too. I needed to install it using the mysql server as a backend, which will be much more robust.



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