Running Your Own Minecraft Church – Part 1 – TECHNICAL

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Minecraft has been a multiplayer game for years now. It is great fun and their are myriads of ways people interact on different servers. In one sense Minecraft Church is another form of multi-player Minecraft. There are vast resources out on the internet and on YouTube that explain how to run servers. But there is much that is completely out of date and some which is really unhelpful!

I want to describe 'Minecraft in a Box' as one simple way to enable you to run a Minecraft church by bringing all the bits with you in a box to wherever you want to do it; adding people and having a lot of fun together.

I will keep it simple and describe one way to do it. I will use the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, which is the cheapest and the most portable too in my mind. I will put some FAQ at the end to help with explaining any difficult points.

What's in the Box?

  • An extension cable - you will need electric power!
  • A laptop, which has the Bedrock server installed on it (more later)
  • A mobile phone with a 4G internet connection and a reasonable amount of data (which in this senario is only for authentication and updating the game)
  • A USB lead/charger so the phone stays on!
  • Some mobile phones or tablets with the latest Minecraft PE version (Bedrock) game on them. This costs about £6.99 from Google Play or Apple iStore. This part is a little optional as people may bring their own devices too but it may help to have a few to avoid any exclusion issues. The latest device is not needed - Minecraft is not so resource demanding, but do test!
  • Chargers for the tablets and phone. Perhaps another extension lead - you will need a few!

Hopefully this will all fit in a box!


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