Running your own Minecraft Church – Introduction

I really want to help you run your own form of Minecraft Church! Why? Because I think it is a great way to connect to all sorts of people who are gaming mad and spiritual but would never have thought of darkening the doors of a conventional church!

I will put down here a number of pointers on how you can run your own Minecraft Server, develop sessions and form a community. You can take this in any direction you want.

I also want to offer much more support, online, on the phone and in-person to those who are wanting to engage with spiritual, gaming but not Christian communities with a view for starting new expressions of church. So get in touch if you would like that!

Recipe for a Minecraft Church

There are several parts to setting up a Minecraft Church. Some are technical, some about leadership, some about getting the word out, some about what forming a church is, some about content and some about ethos and spirituality!

So pick and mix what helps and read in whatever order you like!

  1. Technical, or how to do 'Minecraft Church In-Real-Life' so you can take it offline somewhere or hold it online.
  2. Leadership and Team: Who is going to help you! What team qualities will be needed?
  3. Getting the word out, a few ideas on how to publicise and bring people in
  4. How to form a Minecraft church as a fresh expression of church
  5. Planning or 'Now what do I do?'
  6. Ethos and Spirituality: what values and spirituality underlie a Minecraft church (hint - it is subtly different to a traditional church!)
  7. Safeguarding, we will be welcome people of all ages, especially children. How can we form the safest space for human thriving?

This is not the final word on things and you may have lots of other questions. I hope also you will discover new and interesting possibilities too that we can share here!

Do make comments (below) and do get in touch too!

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