Minecraft Church - Pray with signs!

Minecraft Church… in a box!

What is Minecraft church in a box?

Meet up day - talking about what Minecraft church means to us...

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Minecraft Church in a box is a way to make a simple face-to-face Minecraft based church:

  • A face to face way to run a Minecraft church
  • Portable to any place where there is a small amount of mobile broadband, like a rural church building.
  • Uses tablets or phones. Bring your own tablet/phone or borrow one.
  • Sit around tables together in small groups or on bean bags!
  • There is a lower tech level for set up. All you need is a laptop and a mobile phone with a 4G internet connection.
  • Support for session plans, ideas, training and prayer.
  • A clear pathway to move temporarily or permenantly online in case of pandemic lockdown situations.

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