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Gamespace as Noosphere

This is a Theological Reflection using the Whitehead and Whitehead, Correlation Method. I will proceed through Attending, to particular pastoral concern. Secondly, Assertion to expand and deepen religious insight. Thirdly, Decisions moves decision making for action based on the insight gained. Attending Taking Computer Games seriously and thus the potential to do church in the cultural… Read more »

Children, Play and Theology

This is a Theological Reflection using the Whitehead and Whitehead, Correlation Method. This style of reflection has strengths in having conversations between culture and theology. The findings of the reflection should have an outcome in informing decision making going forward. The process flows through three stages: Firstly, Attending, which is to seek out the information… Read more »


Carnes, Natalie, ‘We in Our Turmoil: Theological Anthropology through Maria Montessori and the Lives of Children’, The Journal of Religion, 95.3 (2015), 318–36 Eliison, Tisha Lewis, ‘Digital Participation, Agency, and Choice: An African American Youth’s Digital Storytelling About Minecraft Author(s): Tisha Lewis Ellison’, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 61.1 (2017), 23–35 Graham, Elaine L,… Read more »

A Killen and De Beer Reflection

A Killen and De Beer Reflection on the Initiation and Growth of Minecraft Church This reflection will follow the method of Theological Reflection described by Killen and De Beer . This method is well suited to reflection on feelings arising from experience gained through ministry. I will follow the five steps from Experience, Feelings, Images,… Read more »

Tower of Babel Team builder


Looking back over 12 weeks since we started the Minecraft Church I have noticed a number of things. I will record them below as a first step in the Theological Reflection on Minecraft Church. Movement from individualist building to co-creating and collaborative building People hugly value praise and appreciation for their builds Minecraft church is… Read more »

Session 3 – Tower of Bable Team Builder

This session plan was very simple. A team game and an activity to see if we can use the building paradigm to express feelings. Tower of Babel Team builder This was suggested by my son. I found a hill. Then worked out the number of blocks between the top of the mountain and the top… Read more »

Session 10 – snakes and poles

Session Plan (draft!) (team: Sian on zoom. Breakout rooms 3 or 4: for all teams. Elaine take a team (with Ninja_Sheep20) (main room), Kevin, Ellie, Sam) Welcomes, team assignments and Zoom startup Prayer “Defending the Mothers” – Tower defence style game in groups. Online safeguarding – we might be fine but other groups.. Beware -… Read more »

Session 9 – Turning tables

Session Plan After gathering and initial prayer split into three teams and go to Building world for Pictionary. How to play pictionary – the three teams race against each other. One team member at a time is given a word to draw with blocks for the other team. A small line of coloured blocks are… Read more »

Session 7

Session plan Welcomes: Use the new /zoom alias and /invite! Get players to stash stuff in chests because we will /clear their stuff later in game mode Flying practice while waiting Place people in teams (according to age) /team join <teamname> <name> New alias /tpteam <teamname> will bring the team to you (I hope!) Welcome… Read more »