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Session 6 – Flying Race and Dancing Praise

Session plan Welcome prayer and stillness Flying races (in two teams for this – beginners and advanced – time flying around the track.) Travel to p:transfiguration – praise dance – jumping in the house of God! Music played through Zoom (“share your computers sound” for best results) Build. Split in to three teams. 2 Kings… Read more »

Session 4 – Candles at dusk

Session Plan Gathering prayer Friendly inter-tribal swimming race: idea from How to Train Your Dragon, by Cressida Cowell. Armed only with heave axes and armour the players must swim out into the water and stay out for as long as possible before returning to the shore (alive!). The last one back wins. They must not… Read more »

Session 1 – Christingle

Our protoype attempt at meeting started with making Christingles! We had created three worlds before the event. The Lobby, Christingle world (which was a flat endless plain that would focus attention on what we could build) and Scavenger hunt world. We met in the Lobby. There were a few technical hitches but all being on… Read more »

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our little Minecraft Christian Community.  How to begin? Read the connection info. This has the important details you will need. Sign up! Some essential links and info will get sent to you! Add our server to Minecraft and once you are whitelisted on the server you can come one in! We meet every… Read more »