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Getting the Word Out

I think it is important to set aside the most obvious ways to let people know about your plans for a Minecraft Church In-Real-Life to think about connecting to people outside of the current reach of the church. For example, giving notices in church, Facebook and other social media posts are largely going out to… Read more »

Ethos and Spirituality

To be explained! Participatory not passivity Inclusive, Neurodiverse, Gender and Sexuality Blind Exploring identity not policing behaviour Motion and Movement not pew or chairs Wonder not Lecture Mystical Community of Disciples – Not a Perfect Society Inculturation not the imposition of culture Real Church not a youth group Digital Culture, Orality and Symbolism

Planning Minecraft Church sessions

Plan with others Try never to plan alone! Why? Many reasons: Planning as a team reinforces the team cohesion and ownership of the whole Team planning is a key way to learn how to plan – by planning with others. The skills you gain and learn are transferable. Good functioning teams have people with lots… Read more »

Minecraft Church - Pray with signs!

Minecraft Church… In-Real-Life

What is Minecraft Church In-Real-Life? Minecraft Church In-Real-Life (formally known as Minecraft Church In A Box) is a way to make a simple face-to-face Minecraft based church: A face to face way to run a Minecraft church Portable to any place where there is a small amount of mobile broadband, like a rural church building. Uses… Read more »

Running Your Own Minecraft Church – Part 1 – TECHNICAL

Back to the introduction… I want to describe Minecraft in a Box as one simple way to enable you to run a Minecraft church by bringing all the bits with you in a box to wherever you want to do it; adding people and having a lot of fun together. Minecraft has been a multiplayer game for… Read more »

Running your own Minecraft Church – Introduction

I really want to help you run your own form of Minecraft Church! Why? Because I think it is a great way to connect to all sorts of people who are gaming mad and spiritual but would never have thought of darkening the doors of a conventional church! I will put down here a number… Read more »

Session 3 – Tower of Bable Team Builder

This session plan was very simple. A team game and an activity to see if we can use the building paradigm to express feelings. Tower of Babel Team builder This was suggested by my son. I found a hill. Then worked out the number of blocks between the top of the mountain and the top… Read more »

Session 10 – snakes and poles

Session Plan (draft!) (team: Sian on zoom. Breakout rooms 3 or 4: for all teams. Elaine take a team (with Ninja_Sheep20) (main room), Kevin, Ellie, Sam) Welcomes, team assignments and Zoom startup Prayer “Defending the Mothers” – Tower defence style game in groups. Online safeguarding – we might be fine but other groups.. Beware -… Read more »

Session 9 – Turning tables

Session Plan After gathering and initial prayer split into three teams and go to Building world for Pictionary. How to play pictionary – the three teams race against each other. One team member at a time is given a word to draw with blocks for the other team. A small line of coloured blocks are… Read more »

Session 7

Session plan Welcomes: Use the new /zoom alias and /invite! Get players to stash stuff in chests because we will /clear their stuff later in game mode Flying practice while waiting Place people in teams (according to age) /team join <teamname> <name> New alias /tpteam <teamname> will bring the team to you (I hope!) Welcome… Read more »