Any aspect of the Church of England's work where young or other vulnerable people meet needs follow appropriate Safeguarding principles and policies. We want our server to be a safe, fun place for human thriving and spiritual growth.

This Minecraft server is a form of Social Media and we use Minecraft in combination with Zoom.

  1. When we meet at 5pm on a Sunday along with a Zoom we are meeting as a Fresh Expression of church. This means people of all ages: parents, children, grandparents, single people may all be present.
  2. However, as the server is running 24/7 access is available to Minecraft users who are added the access list (the unhelpfully named 'whitelist'). All text based chat is logged as is all entrances and exits. This enables us to ensure chat that takes place on the service is appropriate. The adults who have this special access to the whitelist are all recognised, vetted and trained appropriately to the Church of England's safeguarding standards.

The server is administered by St Michael's, Bray.

  • Please refer to our safeguarding page. Our parish safeguarding officer is Natasha Teeder.
  • The diocese safeguarding team is also available if the parish officer is unobtainable.